Like A Spring Day

or maybe celery, or new grass. I decided to dye yarn as one of my creations for the Open Yours Too trade. I decided to go the kool-aid route and did some research on the internet — I found some good info.
In a Pot
I wanted a spring green and after some searching around for the elusive green kool-aid flavors I settled on a little bit of lemonade and a lot of green apple. I decided to use Cascade Yarns Ecological Wool because it comes in a big skein (almost 9 oz) and was a nice light natural color.

I first did the yellow and I cooked for two minutes in the microwave. There was just too much yarn for this method to work in my microwave so I dumped everything in a pot on the stove. After the small amount of yellow (four packets) had been applied, drained and cooled I painted on six packets of green apple using a squirt bottle (the kind you’d put ketchup in). This was then cooked and drained but I found I wasn’t satisfied with the color, there were still a lot of patches of the natural color. So, I went back to the store and got more of the green apple packets. I dumped four of them into the pot with enough water to cover the yarn and made sure the mix was totally dissolved/distributed. Then I put the yarn back in and cooked it again.
Final Product - Hand-dyed Yarn
This time I liked the color better but it was a big messy mass of yarn so it was a little hard to tell what it would look like rolled into a ball. After a good rinse it was into the tub and then hung over the shower-curtain rod. Katrina was none too fond of the smell in her bathroom (apple sheep as we liked to say). It actually dried pretty quickly and then it was time to roll it up and see whether it was what I wanted. Rolling it first required finding the end and untangling. Eventually, Stefan and I worked together (he held, I rolled) while watching an episode of While You Were Out. Finally, with some twisting and turning we got it rolled up into a huge ball. I think I’ll make a smaller ball for the swap and keep some myself. And in the end, I like the color very much.


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