Look What I Got!!!

So the whole time I was working on my swap as part of Open Yours Too I wasn’t even thinking about what I would get myself. Well, it arrived yesterday and let me tell you it’s fantastic!!!

Look What I Got!

My package came from Cassie and she didn’t know anything about me because I hadn’t given my blog address out yet (it had barely begun). But the organizer, Dawbis, knew that I knitted and that I liked scrapbooking. First of all, the main fabric she used for three of the items is a very mod pink and brown print – LOVE IT. Pink and brown are one of my favorite combinations right now. She sent an adorable bag, a pin cushion (believe it or not I did not previously own a single one), and a knitting needle roll. The needle roll is particularly fantastic because it has brown corduroy and because I don’t have a needle roll for my straight and double pointed needles. Stefan gave me something to store my circular needles in for Christmas a couple of years ago but my straight and double pointed have just been floating around ready to stab someone.

Three bouncy balls, which have been commandeered by our smaller crafter, are a huge hit. Also included: an accordion book kit — looks very cool; a vintage McCall’s pattern — super cute; a small sewing kit –always handy; and a fun book/letter. Cassie also sent a Frosted Flakes (Tony the Tiger) book and pen set — so my generation. And even funnier is that when my mom was pregnant with me all she could stomach was Frosted Flakes and I love them also. These have been hidden from Katrina though, she keeps saying Mommy, I need tiger pencils. I won’t be giving them up so easily.


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