FeltingWell, we made our beads in two different sessions. The good thing is that Katie had a TON of fun (as evidenced by this photo) and with all the soapy water everywhere our kitchen floor got washed too. However, not all of the beads turned out exactly how I hoped. It seems despite reading the article and all the linked tutorials over at Whip Up I am bead felting challenged.

While I do seem able to create a ball shape (I think I learned that in preschool) I am having significant trouble getting the outside smooth. All my balls seem to fold over on themselves while I’m rolling them creating a seam, or as my husband so kindly says, they look like little butts. Thanks, honey. Needless to say they look nothing like the gorgeous Mis-shapen Beadsexamples I’ve seen on the web. I’ve had the best luck with cutting the roving fibers very short and majorly fluffing them before I start to make the ball but I still didn’t have complete success. I even sent some of them through the wash (tied in knee-high pantyhose) to see if that would help but it doesn’t seem to. So I ask the blogging world… what is my problem???

In the meantime I have them displayed in a little wooden bowl (made, incidentally, by the butt-commenting husband) with their good side up. Katie thinks she can “borrow” some of them at anytime and go dip them in a water bath. So at least we accomplished that goal – a fun way to play with yarn (fiber really) that doesn’t destroy the sweater or whatever else I’m working on.

Felt Beads

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