Bunny Hop

I’ve been working on a pair of felted bunny slippers for Tristan’s Easter basket. I probably only spent two hours total knitting these but it took me a while since I was knitting in 5-15 Pre-Feltingminute sessions. It just seems that as soon as I try to knit everything gets crazy and Katie wants to help. I recently discovered While She Naps and laughed out loud since that is such a great name for a blog. Of course my “she” is trying to give up her nap so most crafty projects around here have to include her. Anyway, back to the slippers…

The yarn is llama and comes from a local farmer who spins it herself. I really love the color, it’s a blend of fiber from two animals and has a little bit of red to it which makes it interesting. I love how the yarn is named for the animal or in this case animals it came from. I really love working with yarn that hasn’t been dyed — and it is certainly a perfect color for making baby boy bunnies.

So into the wash they went. In the meantime I was going to make two little pom-pom tails following an excellent tutorial over at Bella Dia. I Felted, Un-Assembledmade the first one using alpaca yarn that my mother-in-law brought me when she went to Peru last year. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t turning out right. The tutorial was great, the yarn is just very uneven and weak. I’m not sure what I’ll end up doing with it – I have a lot.

I didn’t want to go buy more yarn just for two little pom-poms so I found a very cream piece of one of the rovings I have and made two little felted balls. I figure that I’ll just attach the bead butt to the bunny butt. After a few washes the slippers and ears were felted small enough and I shaped them to a nice slipper shape. I tried them on Tristan’s feet and they fit him with a little extra room which is exactly what I was going for. It does look like I’ll need a ribbon or something to help keep them on — I was afraid to make the hole for his foot too small.

So that is the current state of the slippers. I must avoid working on them as I prepare for the birthday fiesta. So, the story of the slipper is to be continued…


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