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Bonnet 1
I survived… I have made it to the end of the size 0 needles for the main part of the bonnet. The bottom edging — completed after the bonnet is sewn together — will use them again but I’m putting that out of my mind for now. No, it wasn’t that bad actually. The worst part was when I had to knit 2 together through the backs of the loops but I think that’s hard on any size needle. So anyway, now it’s on to size 2 needles and the basketweave pattern which should both contribute to speedier knitting. This is the first pattern I’ve done a lot of yarn overs and I’m very thankful that they turned out pretty evenly. You can see in the picture that the first set of yarn overs is a fold line — hence the safety pins — which creates a picot edge around the face — so clever — which looks super sweet. The second set of yarn overs — two in a row for a larger hole — is where the ribbon will be laced through to tie it. Stefan was laughing at me since I am so amazed that my knitting is actually looking like the picture in the book. I don’t know, this just seemed to be so much more complicated than what I usually knit. Anyway, I’m excited with how it’s looking so far and can’t wait until it’s on my baby’s head.


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