Open Yours Too Trade 05So we are in the midst of swap mania around here. First, I participated in the Open Yours Too trade 05. It was a supply trade and the USPS assures me that the package has been delivered so I have no problem posting it here. I was paired up with Dawbis — who is also the organizer — and she chose ribbon embroidery and/or stumpwork as her craft of choice for the trade. All I have to say is I’m glad I’m not into ribbon embroidery because I would be hard-pressed to find supplies. I visited every craft store in the area as well as visiting or calling all the cross-stitch stores within a reasonable distance and was only able to find a few things. Fortunately, I found a kit for a wedding pillow, she was recently married, and I had some coordinating linen in my stash. I’ll post when I receive my package, I chose knitting as my craft.

kids cd swapWe’re also doing the kid cd swap, organized by Tracy of jumilla bugs. This is going to be super fun because our partner family lives in Australia — how cool is that. We’ve been working on our playlist and some other goodies too. That should get sent tomorrow, or maybe Saturday, so I’ll post more about it over on urchins when everything is sent/received.

Lastly, I joined the One Skein knit-along and secret pal exchange. Both are based on the book One Skein by Leigh Radford. The book has some great projects that use only one skein of yarn — a great way to use up your stash or odds & ends. The exchange is pretty cool though, in June and July you send one skein of yarn and then in August you send a project created with one skein of yarn. I think it’s going to be fun.


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