Finishing Up

Unfinished Scarf

So Vicki over at turkey feathers had a great idea for a challenge. She suggested June be a month where we tried to finish what we have. What a great idea! I only have about a million half-finished projects including knitting, cross-stitching, scrap-booking, well I could just go on and on. So… inspired as I was I decided to get started. First up is a scarf that has been languishing in my knitting bag for about two years. The yarn was leftover from a sweater my mother-in-law made and coincidentally matched a jacket I had. I made a hat and started the scarf but for some reason never finished it. The pathetic thing is it only needed about 30 more rows. Well, it’s finished now and I’m on to the next thing. I have a bunch of patchwork strips that need to be arranged so my mom can sew them into a quilt top — I generally outsource sewing to her — and I’m going to her house today so I think I’ll take them. Of course I’ll have to get her on-board with this whole challenge thing, she still has a dress she was going to hem for me from nine years ago.

Finished Scarf

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