BlueSo this one has been hard for me. You’d think with a baby boy I’d be surrounded by blue but it seems that’s not the case. I considered taking a pic of this lovely lady but I figured that would be cheating. So, these tiles are what I settled on.

We live in an open-floor-plan colonial style house. You know, the kind that feeds the engine behind suburban sprawl. Anyway, the main floors of the house are fairly traditionally decorated but last year we had the basement finished — in the great room-rearrange of 2005 in preparation for Tristan’s arrival — and even though it still has six-panel doors (made from cardboard, of course) we’ve decorated it in a more modern/contemporary way. So, back to the tiles, they are in the bathroom down there and go from floor to ceiling on half of the walls. They transition from darker blue at the bottom to white at the top. My father-in-law put the tile in while he was here for Tristan’s birth. Many thanks to him.

Thanks Stephanie and Mav for the inspiration for Color Week #2.

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