Yarn, Yarn, Yarn

One Skein Package - July

So this first photo is of the package I received for July from my One Skein secret pal — a beautiful skein of Rowan kidsilk haze (jelly colorway), a set of bamboo needles, two big peppermint sticks (I once ate an entire can of these pepermint sticks in regular size in one week while I was in college) and a note suggesting a “beginner” lace project to knit with it. I am definitely a beginner lace knitter. I have never knit lace, to be honest, and I get very intimidated by all those yarn overs and knitting together and everything. But I think I will have to try this one because the green of this yarn matches the green of my leather gloves which matches the green of the lining of my black plaid wool coat. So you see it could be a very fashionable winter. Thank you so much secret pal!

One Skein Project - To Be

In related knitting news I need to make something for the woman I’ve been sending stuff to as part of the One Skein secret pal exchange because in August we are supposed to send something knit (or crocheted) from one skein. Well, first of all, can you see how I’ve procrastinated? It’s August already, some people have even gotten their finished objects already and until yesterday I didn’t even have the yarn. I had a really hard time deciding what to make but I’m trying something new — fair isle. Now you may be wondering how fair isle can be done with one skein of yarn, and that is a very good question. In reality it can’t be done. But I’m interpreting the rules to be… make something with the equivalent of one skein of yarn. Do you think that’s okay? I hope so because I really don’t have time to change my mind. This is a photo of the four skeins that will each be less than one quarter used — well I guess that is assuming the fair isle thing works out alright.

Cotton Candy Bolero - In Progress

And lastly this is the mohair I am using to knit a bolero for my niece’s birthday. Her favorite color is pink, despite her mother’s objections, and I’m not sure you can get any more pink then this. It looks like cotton candy, don’t you think? I’ve started it and I think I might have made a tiny mistake already but it’s impossible to frog and all that fuzziness will cover up the stray purl stitch on the knit side anyway. Plus, it’s for a four year old for whom I could mat together any yarn as long as it’s pink, fuzzy, and soft and she would wear it everywhere so I’m not going to stress about perfection here.

Have you noticed there is a lot of knitting to be done? I better get to it…


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