One Skein, One More Time

Bag - Pre Felting

So August was the last month of the One Skein secret pal exchange. In my habit as of late I waited until the last minute to decide what I was going to make for my pal Casey. She is a knitting maniac finishing more than 60 projects in the last year. Felted BagShe says that she did it while driving long distance. That makes no difference to me — 60 finished projects, wow! So anyway, I decided to make her a little bag where she could stash a pair of needles and a skein of yarn to take on any road-trip.

I wanted to make a felted bag since, well let’s just be honest, I love felting stuff. And it couldn’t be too big since it had to be made with one skein. Flipping through the book Knit One, Felt Too by Kathleen Taylor I settled on the Secret Treasures bag. The model they show is knitted in very citrus-y colors, I decided to go for something more autmunal. So this project involed trying two new knitting techniques — knitting in the round, and fair isle. Now you may be thinking, Hmm, hasn’t she told us she uses circular needles? Why yes, dear reader, Felted Bagyou are correct, but that doesn’t mean I’ve ever used them circularly. And fair isle, well that’s altogether new.

I am pleased to report that both were fairly easy to master in this smallish project. Knitting in the round while doing fair isle is a little frustrating though since your pattern never lines up quite right at the beginning of each round. Since the bag was being felted I was hopeful that it would all be taken care of in the wash and it was. The other crazy thing about this project is the chart in the book does not match the model, I actually think it was a printing error, so the bag was way more gold and a lot less pumpkin then I was hoping for. About a quarter of the way Bagthrough I said to Stefan, I think this is looking vintage, in the bad harvest-gold kind of way. He told me he was thinking more Native American-ish which was not what I was going for but I could live with so I decided not to frog. I made lots of changes to the pattern to accomodate my vision — this is code for making it the size and shape I wanted — incluing switching to two handles.

Anyway, Casey should have her package by now and I hope she enjoys it. She was a great pal to be sending stuff to and I hope she really likes everything I sent. Now, I need to get back to knitting since I’m way behind on that 60 finished project goal — Yikes!

Felted Bag

Pattern: Secret Treasures from Kathleen Taylor’s Knit One, Felt Too
Yarn: Lamb’s Pride Worsted in colors M-14 (Sunburst Gold), M-97 (Rust), M-145 (Spice), M-89 (Roasted Coffee)
Yardage: less than one 190yd skein
Needles: US size 9
Gauge: I didn’t check since I was felting
Modifications: Lots, first I cast on 100 stitches instead of 60. I added a number of extra stripes to add length. My decreases at the bottom were quite different. I did not do the i-cord at the bottom. I used two braids for two handles which I attached to the inside of the bag after felting.


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  1. 1 Alicia A. September 1, 2006 at 8:11 am

    It’s beautiful. The color is great! Lucky, lucky Casey.

  2. 2 Blair September 4, 2006 at 12:28 pm

    beautiful colors. you did an amazing job. i love felting things too, although i don’t do a lot right now. i just love the smell of wet wool (weird, i know).

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