So This Was the Aftermath…

Thanksgiving Aftermath

Really, I guess, this was just some of the aftermath. There were also countless pots and pans and all manner of dishwasher-safe dishes but this picture makes me happy because it means we had a Thanksgiving surrounded by some of our wonderful family and the food was good. We had the kitchen “clean” in record time — for us anyway. Now there are just a few stray things to put away. I’m glad we stalled on the the clean side.

And it’s a good thing that’s what happened because Friday afternoon Stefan started a new project…


Some of you may know that the tile was put up in our kitchen over one year ago, a few months before Tristan was born. It’s been groutless for so long that we’d really gotten used to it. The excuse is this — we ordered grout from the store and they said we’d have it within a week (which coincided with a three-day weekend). As things like this sometimes go, the grout arrived three weeks later just as Stefan was traveling to Europe almost every week and I had reached the point where I resembled a beached whale. It turns out the delay was serendipitous since we later learned — most notably from Melissa — that the grout we ordered is not so great, or even grout-like for that matter. So anyway, Stefan is now installing good old fashioned sanded grout, and it’s looking pretty good.

And speaking of Stefan’s projects, he’s asked to be a contributer here on Mama Urchin. I’m not sure what he’s planning to contribute or if he’ll actually contribute at all but we’ll see. He is a pretty crafty guy into all kinds of woodworking, photography and he’s quite the baker. I’m hoping to get a good photo of the birthday sweater, sans birthday boy, today and also a hat and sweater in progress. I’m trying to check some names off that Christmas list.


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  1. 1 Alicia A. November 26, 2006 at 3:44 pm

    That tile is going to look sooooo good. Can we see a finished pic?

  1. 1 Leftover Pie « mama urchin Trackback on November 26, 2006 at 7:21 pm
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