Hoping and Praying

Sorry for the lack of posts. In the way of excuses I can offer…

  • our annual tree trimming party is this Saturday
  • my babe has bronchitis
  • an obsession with this story

It’s really interesting how this story has gripped so many of us. I think it’s because while we might not know the Kim family, Kati is a member of this community we hold dear. I think for me, and maybe others, it’s hit close to home because I know that could have been my family. If ever faced with such circumstances I can only hope that Stefan and I are as resourceful. I actually wept when I read that Kati and the girls had been found and with reports that James has been found coming in this afternoon — no word on his condition — I’m sure I’ll be weeping again. James, Kati, Penelope, and Sabine — we’ve been praying for you, I hope you’re all safely reunited and home soon.

UPDATE: It seems that the body of James Kim was found around noon PST today. I cannot express how sad I am for the Kim family. Stefan did remind me however, that James’ girls were safe and that was probably all James was wishing for.


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