Does anyone ever ask you why you do this blogging thing? Well, next time they do I have two great reasons for you to share:

  1. Do you read the yarn harlot? Twice she has challenged her readers — once after the tsunami in Asia and then again this holiday season — to forgo a few luxuries like that extra cup of $4 coffee and think about those less fortunate. She created the group Knitters Without Borders to support the very worthy cause of Doctors Without Borders. She put a goal out there to raise $120K this year and it’s already been blown away and the results have only been tallied through the 20th of December — $258,939.00 dollars to date.
  2. The craft auction for the Kim family started yesterday and will continue until the 7th of January. You may recall their heroic story and loss from back in late November/early December. Kati Kim is a great supporter of the indie craft community so Lisa, Stephanie, and their mom Gerrie organized an auction to give her and her girls a big virtual hug in this time of need. All of the art has been donated by the artists so that all proceeds go to the Kim family. This morning — after less than 24 hours of bidding — the auction total has almost reached $12,000.00.

Can we all say WOW! I find myself very humbled to be a tiny little part of a community that is so caring. I knew the inhabitants of this crafty bloggy world were great but, being the overachievers that they are, I think I’ll now have to say they are greater than great. Wow, ladies, wow.


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