The Sorry-est Little Drawstring Bag

Drawstring Bag

According to the US Postal Service our miniswap package left the country on February 8. This little bag was one of the things included. I’ll share photos of all of the goodies once they arrive at their destination but this little bag deserves it’s own post. I decided that what we were sending for the youngest child in a very full family — four kids! — needed to be contained in a little drawstring bag and I figured I could make said bag even with my total lack of sewing machine skills. I mean, it’s a drawstring bag for an eighteen month old. So I picked a soft flannel I had hanging around and cut a rectangle. Now, I should point out that my sewing machine phobia has much to do with the thread. I’m not going to kid you and say I can sew straight but I know that I could if I actually practiced the art of machine sewing more than once a year. Anyway, back to the thread.

Whenever my mom — an accomplished sew-er –would try to teach me to sew using the machine she would show me how to thread the machine and my eyes would glaze over and I’d be asking myself Why did I want to do this again? Seriously, it seems ridiculous that the thread has to go over and under and around the knob and then, blah, blah, blah. See, I’m glazing over just thinking about it. I’ve maintained that thread should be like a toner cartridge, you just pop it in. I think there are machines out there like this but Stefan has suggested that I figure out if I would use a sewing machine before we purchase a super-fancy thread cartridge variety.

So, my machine — which is a loaner from my mom — has white thread in it and everything I’ve sewn on that machine has been done with white thread. Nothing says professional sewing machine operator like contrast thread when subtlety is called for, like on a brown flannel drawstring bag. Now, I want you to imagine me sitting at my cluttered kitchen table sewing along on my brown drawstring bag with white thread quite proud of the fact that my seams are sort-of straight and I thought to hem the sides before making the pocket for the drawstring. I’m getting very close to being done because now I am just sewing up the side of the bag, getting close to the corner to turn for the bottom and I notice something isn’t quite right. My threads are not catching. Upon closer inspection I realize that the bobbin has run out of thread. In the wise words of my son, Uh-Oh.

Okay… I think, I know how you get thread on the bobbin and amazingly I do. But now the real problem, to get thread on the bobbin I of course had to un-thread the main thread. So off I go in search of the sewing machine manual which is nowhere to be found. So then I call my mom, no answer. After more searching for the manual I realize that you can find these things on the internet so after a quick search I find directions on how to thread a sewing machine which is really good because I didn’t even realize you had to do anything more than drop the bobbin in. After successfully doing that I started sewing again which was a bit of a mess until I realized I can adjust the tension! And I finished sewing the bag — simple as that, easy-peasy. When Stefan came home from work and I showed him, well let’s just say he needed a chair to steady himself as he said, I guess you really can operate that thing after all. Um, yeah, I guess I can.


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  1. 1 Amy February 12, 2007 at 7:40 pm

    Funny. I was so scared of my machine when I first got it. It will get easier if you keep on… but I enjoyed the post anyway.

  2. 2 weirdbunny February 14, 2007 at 6:23 pm

    I only hand sew now. I hate sewing machines with a vengance. I am incaple of threading one, bobbin and all. I have successfully broken every sewing machine that has beeen passed on to me from friends. Finally they are way too noisy and you can’t watch the telly while using one. So know I sit in my comfy chair, watch telly and hand sew. It’s very relaxing and I make everything from handsewn patchwork, hand sewn bags, and even hand sewn trousers for my daughter. So get out your thread, needle and thimble and free yourself from the stress of those sewing machines !!!

  3. 3 ideagirl February 28, 2007 at 9:47 am

    I love this post. I’m writing about sewing machine phobia on my blog too — and I can SO RELATE to how this played out with your mother. Love it. Love it!


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