Feeling Lucky

So I’ve been the lucky winner in a number of bloggy contests recently. First there was Vanessa‘s contest where I won a great box of loot. Then Robert over at Mahar Dry Goods decided to have a give-away and chose me as one of his lucky winners. Look at all he sent me:


I believe a few of these items will be finding their way into some Easter baskets soon. And speaking of Easter I’m looking for non-candy items for baskets and eggs. I’ve done some searching on etsy and found a few cute things but I’d love some suggestions too.


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  1. 1 sarah March 4, 2007 at 11:16 am

    In a week or two — as soon as the blizzard melts enough to allow me to go buy more eyes — I’ll have bunnies and lambs up in my etsy shop. I’m going to be selling them for $15 plus $2 shipping. There is a post on my blog about a preliminary version and I just posted a WIP for the one’s I’m working on now.

  2. 2 amandajean March 4, 2007 at 8:44 pm

    Last year I got my boys a bit of chocolate, a few hot wheel cars and I also made each of them a new Batman pillowcase with their name embroidered on it. I was trying to come up with an alternative to the candy filled baskets as well. I also gave them 3 visual clues each in order to find their baskets…which they still talk about. Thanks for getting me thinking about ideas for this year!

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