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I make a habit of not taking Katie with me to the fabric store unless I want her to pick a pattern or a fabric. Tristan can be contained in the stroller or a cart but Katie has a tendency to get into everything. She also finds many things she has to have which often includes random bits of unnecessary junk — and lollipops, she always finds the lollipops. When I was shopping for some fabric for the doll quilt swap — which is finally done and sent on it’s way — I visited pretty much every fabric store in town and one time she was with me and found a fabric she had to have — one that is not at all appealing to me. In fact, she screamed so much when I told her no that the entire store knew she had to have it. We make a practice of not giving into tantrums but we do occasionally resort to bribery so I told her that if she behaved for the rest of the visit we could get the fabric. She complied so I bought two yards.


Earlier this week I saw a post at the Mayfly about a twirly skirt and thought of the two yards sitting in the dining room. So, I made a quick skirt using the twirly skirt tutorial by House on Hill Road. I omitted some of the adorable details — like the contrast fabric and the tie — so I could just get the thing done and sew it all on the serger. Katie is very pleased with it and I’m glad we at least used the must have fabric that was more of a must not have to me.

Twirly Skirt
Pattern: Adapted from the twirly skirt tutorial
Fabric: 2006 Quilt of Dreams for St. JUDE Children’s Research Hospital
Yardage: less than two yards
Size: 110
Modifications: I omitted the contrast fabric and just used the main fabric instead. I doubled the width of the hem band so I could self face it and avoid top stitching (because of the non-fuctioning sewing machine). I also just used elastic for the waist band and omitted the ribbon/contrast tie. I added the eyelet ruffle trim at the hem band.


5 Responses to “Quick Skirt”

  1. 1 Marie May 6, 2007 at 6:06 am

    she looks very happy, and is guaranteed to wear it – mommy made her something she loves – that’s the important thing!

  2. 2 Alicia A. May 6, 2007 at 8:31 am

    She looks so cute and very pleased with her new skirt, nice Mama!

  3. 3 amandajean May 7, 2007 at 9:44 am

    we have the fabric debate at our house too. If my boys had their way, they would have super hero quilts. I draw the line at pillowcases in hero fabric. (SO sick of heros!)

    nice job on the skirt. I see that pattern poping up all over the place. I may have to try one for my wee little girl.

  4. 4 erin May 13, 2007 at 10:22 pm

    it turned out great!

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