One Local Summer – Week 2

One Local Summer - Week 2

Another salad. I promise it will get more exciting soon. I actually had better plans for dinner last night but they got changed at the last minute. So, salad for lunch is my one local summer meal today. Once again the only non-local ingredients are the oil and vinegar for the salad dressing and the spices on the grilled chicken.

– grilled chicken (17 miles)
– feta cheese (19 miles)
– lettuce (30 miles)
– radishes, carrots (100 miles)
– bacon (88 miles)


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  1. 1 katie June 18, 2009 at 9:42 am

    where did you get your feta cheese locally? I’ve been dying to find some locally, but my farmer’s market only has cheddar and goat cheese.

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