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Thank you all for all your kind words about my crummy week. We had a lovely weekend and this week looks to be a good one. I mean how can a week be bad when it ends with fireworks? So, I thought it might be time for more recent favorites from flickr. Enjoy.

Recent Favorites

1. modern grace hourglass , 2. a tiny tablescape, 3. hedgehogs, 4. it’s really all about the light, 5. OOCL, 6. red car, 7. huge granny square, 8. grandpa, 9. two swallows & the poppy (view A), 10. obviously i need a big flash., 11. Untitled, 12. seascape, 13. scrap log cabin for bea — top done, 14. kid season has started, 15. dandelion, 16. two owlets, 17. boy’s still life, 18. roads quilt, 19. almost done, 20. 1F4X7960, 21. film.423, 22. {film.311}, 23. april’s flowers, 24. easter egg collection, 25. firepit, 26. Quilt for Erin L., 27. three left, 28. Detail of "Spot On" Circle Quilt, 29. switching, 30. Tree House, 31. "city" block print collage, kindergarten auction project, 32. details, 33. patchwork crab, 34. afternoon’s work, 35. class project "city" block prints, 36. turtle!

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  1. 1 amandajean July 7, 2009 at 5:21 pm

    i always love seeing your mosaics. 🙂

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