Hot, Hot, Hot

We’ve had temps here in the 100s so we have been doing all we can to stay cool. That mostly means we move as little as possible. The power company has load balancing equipment on our air conditioner and I guess the load is great because it keeps getting turned off. What’s worse is we haven’t had rain in a really long time, I actually can’t remember, has it been three weeks? This weekend though, we’re off for a quick trip to the beach to see some friends. Until I return, here are some recent favorites from flickr:

Recent Favorites

1. quebec city, 2. shed, 3. cesky krumlov, czech republic, 4. scrappy hex crib quilt, 5. the magnifying glass photo challenge: nature in my pocket, 6. Untitled, 7. the cat is still quarantined, 8. in between music sheets, 9. Too Tweet, 10. Circus of Circles, 11. Jewel Squares, 12. Carla’s quilt, 13. this is making my morning, 14. naturally dyed eggs, 15. heart topper, 16. "It Takes A Village", 17. Egg Bunnies, 18. Mushrooms, 19. happy bees, 20. red letter day plus quilt, 21. ninety six, 22. A Year in Pictures: April 1, 23. stormy, 24. Porch Pillow, 25. clover, 26. Gnome, 27. Mushrooms, 28. Cat Door, 29. WAWAYA zozo#2, 30. Frosty Sugaring, 31. Doll Quilt Swap #8, 32. sixty four, 33. for my show in Chicago, 34. habit outtake: bringing the green in, 35. i’m not sure why i even bothered, 36. forty-seven


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