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There and Back Again

I returned this morning from a fantastic weekend in Colorado. Amanda Jean was the guest speaker at a quilt retreat at the Inn at City Park in Fort Collins and I was lucky enough to go. When Amanda Jean announced she would be speaking at the retreat I offhandedly told Stefan that would be fun. A month or two later — after a weekend where he was away with the guys — he told me that I should go, seriously. One side benefit of a traveling husband is that he has miles you can use to go to quilt retreats.

Improvisational Piecing

What a wonderful weekend we had. It was so great to meet Amanda Jean in person after being friends for years. Plus I got to meet a bunch of other great women, some bloggers, some not. It was so much fun. I learned a whole bunch — you are allowed to carry-on a sewing machine — and got so much sewing done that I’ve nearly completed a pretty big quilt top. Papa did such a great job flying solo that Katie said it was okay if I needed to stay away longer. Coming home though, was wonderful too. I kissed Tristan in his bed when I got home at about 1:30 AM and he rolled over and smiled and said Mama in a dreamy little voice. It just melted my heart. So, now I’m back at it, housework, school, you know, the schedule. But this week I thought I’d share some quilts I’ve recently made that never got blogged. And maybe by Friday I’ll have that quilt top done. Happy Monday everyone and see you back here tomorrow.


A Quilt for Mom

My parents — really my mom — recently spruced up their bedroom a bit. They have a new bed quilt and gorgeous new draperies in an up-to-date color palette but kept their beautiful dark cherry furniture. I think it was just the right kind of change, it made their bedroom — which is on the main level of their home — look much more current but didn’t break the bank. Anyway, back in February I was visiting a fabric store and saw the Twiggy fabric collection by Moda and was inspired to make my mom a quilt.

Twiggy Quilt

I used some of two layer cakes to make 35 rail fence blocks. I then laid them out in a way to create the brown and cream zig-zag lines. After completing the top and back — sorry for the it being sideways in the photo — I sent it to Amanda Jean who agreed to stipple it for me. I love how the back — when facing the right direction — looks like a forest with a sky. My mom loves it of course and keeps getting annoyed with my dad when he puts something on top of where it is draped across the back of a chair.

Twiggy Quilt - Back

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Clothespin Doll Kit

Clothespin Dolls

Katie’s best friend turned six at the end of March and Katie was planning to give her a baking set but then we came up with the clothespin doll kit idea. Katie loves making these dolls and we thought her friend Morgan might like making them too. We get our dowels, caps, and stands from Bear Woods Supply Co, the flesh colored paint came from them too. The ribbon, fabric, thread and needles — papa made a needle case — came from my stash. All the other little bits — including the wooden box that holds it all — came from our local Michael’s. The last thing we included was an instruction booklet. Hopefully it will provide hours of painty, gluey fun.

Clothespin Doll Kit

Circus Quilt

Circus Quilt

If you read Amanda Jean‘s blog you’ve seen this quilt before. She quilted it for me a bit ago and I just needed to get the binding on. I did a poor job of it but it is now bound and ready to send off. It will be joining the blocks and balls that were made of the same fabrics. The back is chenille and super soft — learn more about quilting with this type of chenille backing from Amanda Jean — and will be very tactile for the baby. I love this circus line by Felicity Miller for baby gifts. It’s so fun and bright. I think it’s still around so if you’re looking to make a baby something you might want to hunt for it.

Circus Quilt - Back

A Bit of Random

I was up half the night with a sick little urchin so the best I can offer is a little bit of random this grey Monday morning:

For Sarah

– I finished this pillow for my friend Sarah. Now Martha’s pillow is safe from the threat of the pillow-napper.

For a Pair of Big Brothers

– I also finally finished these big brother gifts. That pencil case drove me crazy. It’s pretty cute though so I’m getting over it.

Virtul Quilting Bee - AugustVirtul Quilting Bee - February

– I finished my last two squares of the Virtual Quilting Bee. There is more to say as this project wraps up so I’ll save that for another day.

Knitting on Toothpicks

– I started a new pair of socks. The yarn — Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock Multi in Pinstripe– and the pattern — Jaywalker by Grumperina — were made for each other.

Happy Monday!

Weekend Report

Thomas Run

March may have come in like a lion but we sure had a lamb of a weekend. Temps were in the 70s both days. Crazy. We’re back to more seasonal March weather now, blustery and colder. But about the weekend, it was a really good one, and not just the weather. Saturday morning Katie and I headed to Molly‘s place to have lunch with Molly and Emily and their gangs plus Erin who was visiting for the weekend.

These are Some Seriously Tiny Mud Boots

It’s always fun to go to Molly’s and it was great to meet Emily and Erin. We arrived a little early and Katie just took off to collect eggs with Mary and Emma and I helped Molly get lunch ready. How I wish we lived closer. I’m blessed to have such thoughtful and generous friends though, even if they live hours away. Both Emma and Katie were hoping to go in the swimming pool — apparently being 6 or 7 makes you immune to freezing water — but after Emily and Erin arrived we went to the creek instead. I brought some gifts for the ladies and we ate lunch, each helping with the other’s children. Erin and Emily left and I helped Molly clean up lunch while we talked about our girls.

Did We Mention the Mud?

On Sunday Stefan had a race in the morning and we celebrated his birthday with some of our extended family. Katie went to my parents’ and Tristan helped me make the birthday dinner — spaghetti bolognese — and birthday cake before everyone returned for a loud, laughter-filled evening with the windows open. A perfect weekend really, thank you March.

My Little Baker

Some Bootees and a Rattle


Next up in the parade of baby gifts is this pair of baby bootees. They were made for a friend who did not know whether she was having a boy or a girl. I went with this rainbow Cherry Tree Hill supersock merino yarn — leftovers from Katie’s kneesocks — thinking it would be gender neutral but in the end I think the bootees ended up looking a little girlish. All’s well though because my friend has since given birth to a healthy baby girl.


The pattern is Saartje’s Bootees. I made the newborn size and the colorway of the supersock merino is brights. The buttons are vintage mother of pearl and were part of this haul. I’m hoping they’re suitable for a new little princess.

Finished Rattle

The second part of the gift was a baby rattle made by Papa. This one, like the last one, is made with holly and finished with food-safe mineral oil. He’s been able to get back in his woodshop a little more recently and I think he’s been very happy about it. Is anyone seriously interested in buying one of these? I’m told that more can be made if there is interest. And, as promised last time, I’ll leave you with an action shot:

Rattle in Progress

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