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One Local Summer – Week 13


Whoops! Didn’t mean to miss two weeks of dinners there. We did have local meals both weeks but we ran off to the ocean for some of that time and couldn’t find the energy to document our meals while the sand and surf were calling. This week I made an enormous batch of ratatouille. We got one meal from it and I froze enough for two more meals plus a few lunches — school starts next week — that we’ll enjoy on a cold day this winter. We had crispy lamb meatballs and non-local rice on the side and it made quite a good meal.

– thyme, basil (0 miles)
– lamb (17 miles)
– tomatoes, peppers (30 miles)
– eggplant, zuchinni (92 miles)
– oil, rice (non-local)

One Local Summer – Week 10

Hash with a Softboiled Egg

One thing I forgot to mention in my post about eating through our CSA share was hash. It’s generally a dish I make in the cooler months with sausage but we’re swimming in potatoes so I thought I’d make a summer version. Since I didn’t use any sausage I started with the chopped potatoes in a little bit of oil until they were getting crispy. Then I added some chopped summer squash, corn cut off the cob, salt, pepper, and rosemary. About four months ago I tried a recipe for a different hash that encouraged the use of a poached egg on top. It was so good with the runny yolk sort of binding the hash together so it’s something we always add now. However, I stink at poaching eggs. So, instead I soft boil an egg and get almost the same result.

Hash with a Softboiled Egg

– rosemary (0 miles)
– potatoes, squash (30 miles)
– eggs (32 miles)
– corn (100 miles)

One Local Summer – Week 9


Our all-local meal this week was herbed lamb patties with veggie pizza on the side. The local ground lamb was combined with garlic and parsley from our CSA, and mint and rosemary from our garden and shaped into patties and then fried in a little non-local oil. The pizza dough was made with local spelt flour and topped with local ricotta, and a sauté of local summer squash, onions, and shitake mushrooms. After the pizza was cooked we added some basil and drizzled a totally non-local reduction of balsamic vinegar over the top. You can see Papa went a little overboard in his reduction artistry.

– basil, mint, rosemary (0 miles)
– lamb (17 miles)
– ricotta (19 miles)
– spelt flour (30 miles)
– garlic, parsley, squash (30 miles)
– shitake mushrooms (78 miles)

One Local Summer – Week 8

One Local Summer

I thought we’d switch-up our local meal and make a brunch this week. A successful brunch for me needs to have something sweet and something savory. For sweet we had plum kuchen made with local plums, eggs, butter, and flour — no local baking powder, sugar, or cinnamon. I also made a crustless quiche — I hate rolling out pie crusts — with local eggs, bacon, chives, milk, and cheese. Both were made last night so after church today I just heated the eggs and then we dug in. Yum.

– cheese (17 miles)
– butter (19 miles)
– spelt flour (30 miles)
– chives (30 miles)
– eggs (32 miles)
– plums (69 miles)
– bacon (88 miles)

One Local Summer – Week 7

One Local Summer

This weeks meal was made in an effort to use up some of what we had in the fridge that was nearing the end of it’s usable life. The roasted chicken was leftover from another meal, and the summer squash was a week old. The fresh pasta is made somewhat locally and our CSA farm sells it at their roadside stand. I combined the chopped squash with minced shallots and diced tomatoes from our garden. In the meantime I made a roux — with local flour — and added chicken stock and local cream to make a sauce. I added a splash of wine and about 10 oz of shredded local gouda cheese to the sauce and stirrred it until smooth. The only thing left was to combine the pasta, vegetables, and cheese sauce and top with some basil from the garden. Yum.

One Local Summer – Week 6

Local Dinner

Baked Chicken with Herbs, Garlic, and Shallots, Roasted Beets, Spelt Bread.

I’m so happy I’ve found a source for local flour. This time I got spelt flour and I need to figure out how to make bread with it. This bread ended up being a flat bread but it still tasted good. The chicken is a nice easy recipe and very good. The roasted beets were not a hit. In years past we’ve always given any beets we get in our CSA share away but we enjoyed some at the solstice dinner so thought we should try them. We need to figure out another way to prepare them.

– rosemary, thyme (0 miles)
– chicken (17 miles)
– butter (19 miles)
– spelt flour (30 miles)
– beets, shallots, garlic (30 miles)
– olive oil (non-local)

Barbecue Time

Did you all have a good Independence Day? We had the cousins together for a parade, a visit to the water park, and then a barbecue at Grandmom and Granddad’s house. Aren’t they cute:

Independence Day

Earlier this week we had good old fashioned pork barbecue for our all local meal. We actually had ribs too but I’m not a big fan of ribs so they weren’t on my plate. The local pork butt was cooked on the grill, the local pork spareribs were roasted in the oven, the local veggies were mixed into coleslaw, and I canned the bbq sauce last summer from local ingredients.


– corn (17 miles)
– cabbage, kohlrabi (30 miles)
– pork butt, pork ribs (88 miles)
– vinegar, spices (non-local)

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